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California made products for concrete moisture vapor control.American made products for concrete moisture control

Welcome to Advanced Moisture Control, Inc.

Concrete moisture vapor emission & alkalinity control solutions

We produce epoxy-based concrete moisture mitigation products that are cost-effective, ecologically sound and proven to work.

Cost versus risk, is paramount to every project. Therefore, we have developed warranted treatments that yield the lowest installed cost per square foot. 

Our Vapor-Green® concrete moisture sealers meet or exceed ASTM F-3010-13 standard practice for two-component resin based, membrane-forming moisture mitigation systems, yet can be applied with without the need for heavy blasting profiles that yield low spread rates and require additional time and materials for finishing.

Our products have been used to seal millions of square feet across America in wide variety of applications from medical, institutional, educational, commercial and retail projects where time, cost and effectiveness are all major concerns. We offer a warranty for up to 15 years.

Experience with solving moisture problems is just as critical as the product. Our staff and network of applicators have long resumes of direct involvement both on the project and in the classroom. We do not merely sell a great product, we provide an understanding of the issue and how to minimize risk.

If you a building owner, architect, specifier or contractor who is seeking outstanding technical support, we are at your service.  

Moisture vapor proof, high performance epoxy flooring systems

Our experience with moisture control solutions has lead to the development of our Vapor-Clear® moisture-proof epoxy floor coatings which are tough, durable and decorative synthetic polymer floors used in a wide variety of finished floor applications, indoors or out, providing aesthetic excellence.

Vapor-Clear® will not be affected by any amount of concrete slab moisture as it is formulated to be semi-permeable, elastomeric and highly chemically-resistant. With all the same performance characteristics as expensive high build epoxy floor coatings, Vapor-Clear® is far less expensive to apply and is extremely tough, durable and easy to repair if damaged.

With up to 250 different color options, Vapor-Clear® is a highly cost effective synthetic polymer flooring system that is applied over diamond-profiled slabs, offering high spread rates and lower cost per square foot than conventional epoxy floors.

No moisture testing is required. Warranted not to bubble, blister or peel due to concrete slab moisture for 5 years. Installed by certified applicators only.

Certified applicator installations only

While we are only a material supplier, we do take an active interest in every project. Therefore, we only provide our moisture-control systems to certified applicators who share the same commitment to solving problems as we do. Our warranty is jointly signed by our certified applicator, providing our customers the assurance that their treatment was installed correctly.

Advanced Moisture Control has certified applicators in most large metropolitan areas across the United States. Please contact us directly for more information about our excellent team of certified applicators in your area.

Got any questions?

Our product data sheets have all the performance parameters listed. If you have specific questions about our products, application, certified installers or just want to know something about concrete slab moisture, we are glad to talk to you. 

Our staff is dedicated to helping people, not simply making sales. It is our pleasure to answer your questions whether they be very simple or highly complex. 


Ecologically safe chemical products for concrete moisture vapor control

Eco safe,
and safe to use around people too.

A chemical product for concrete moisture control must be capable of reducing vapor emission to acceptable levels, remain bonded permanently to the slab, resist the high alkaline environment of concrete, and to allow the subsequent bonding of other materials such as cements, floor coverings or polymer coatings to its surface.

In addition, a chemical product should be environmentally safe as well as user-friendly during the application.

Our products are water reducible, meaning that they can be diluted and cleaned up with water if spilled and are not classified as a marine pollutant. Our products do not have components that could bring toxic, caustic, corrosive or flammable exposure to applicators who are  installing them or to the other occupants of buildings.

The above photo is from a working hospital that used one side of the hallway staying in operation while the other side was being treated and re-floored, without exposing occupants to harmful vapors.

Our products are Green by way of their manufacturing standards, made in the USA, meet all VOC requirements but are also non-toxic during the application process.

Please see our Products  page for information about environmental credits.